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Two decades of excellence in HVAC services across the State of Kuwait

Providing HVAC solutions for Kuwait’s homes and businesses since the last 25 years

As one of Kuwait’s largest air-conditioning companies, Sahara Air-Conditioning (formerly الخالديات) is successfully involved in over 1300 installation and maintenance projects. With extensive expertise in a range of services, our group of product specialists, engineers, and highly skilled execution staff provide specialized consultation for concept design, supply, installation, and maintenance of all your HVAC needs.


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Sahara Employees

Our Company Values

Safety First

Our safety policies are established based on our internal company trademark: “Worker Safety Above All Else”.

Unparalleled Support

We strive to support our workers and clients to the best of our abilities.

Honesty and Trust

We have gained the trust of clients and spearhead many projects to the highest of standards.

Equality and Unbiasedness

We believe in the equality of all cultures, races, and traditions of our staff and clientele.

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